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treść Nuclear armament Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the problem which is the current situation in Korea and Iran and the arming of these countries. In times of increased threat of terrorism and a general lack of major clashes between nations, all countries were forced to find a new way to dispose of their military products. Thus began a friendly conversation between the leaders of the United States, Russia and the rest of the world. The ideal solution proved to be silent supporting states created after World War II in the Middle East. However, these poor nations initially quickly disassociated from the West and began their own military operations. Now, after years of clandestine support these countries by the rest of the world, stood in front of a threat to scare us. We found that Iran is trying to produce the materials and technologies possessed nuclear weapons. The document prepared by experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran has reached the ability of producing an atomic bomb. The report also showed that Tehran and began work on the construction of the transfer of these weapons. Prepared a document is probably a secret annex to the report on Iran's nuclear program. Washington argued previously that the IAEA is hiding it. There you can read that Iran "has enough information that can be used to build the atomic bomb", as well as their means of delivery. Does not mean that we should reflect on our actions? Is giving "little child" for what is considered to Iran of weapons that might endanger the existence of man is truly wise? After all, if not for U.S. support, Iran would never have gained the necessary measures to develop this technology. Another factor that should disturb us is the unstable situation in the local area. Numerous clashes and lack of common sense can lead to that one day, quick-tempered general include the red button and unleash World War III. What can we do? U.S. President Barack Obama does not rule out military action against Tehran in connection with the information to build a second plant to enrich uranium. Such a declaration fell during his speech summarizing the deliberations of the summit of the G-20. - Iran went on the road that leads to confrontation - he said. Countries of the 5 plus 1 (the five permanent members of UN Security Council and Germany) are preparing for talks with Iran, to be held on October 1. But at the end of the summit in Pittsburgh, Obama told reporters: "If we determine that diplomacy does not impact, we find ourselves in a position to justify (...) severe sanctions." The President added, however, that this would not be "optimal course of events" and the most it would depend on the fact that Iran "has chosen a responsible way." But there is a real chance of an armed intervention by the United States? After all, it would be to grant the UN has little power. However, the fact remains that the ideal solution would be to the armed intrusion into Iran's (and indeed all countries of the Middle East), and threatening the destruction of structures and the pacification and reorganization of society. This led to the stabilization of the situation in the region of the planet at the same time giving us access to huge deposits of oil, through which the world economy would be able to thrive. While the situation is different in Korea. The state under the influence of the Soviet Union has been distorted and transformed into a creation that should not exist. Fanatical devotion and faith in communism makes a nation that is extremely dangerous. Just like Iran (though from a different source) Korea received the technology needed to produce nuclear weapons. However, in contrast to a remote threat at the time that is Iran, North Korea conducted another test of nuclear weapons. South Korean intelligence services, verify test data for air-ground missile, which was to be fired from the same military training ground, where at the beginning of April has been tested long-range missile. Still collected and information about the missile tests carried out by Pyongyang. American Center sejsmologiczny noted on the Korean Peninsula seismic shock strength grade 4.7 on the Richter scale. Chinese analysts predict that the North Korean nuclear test triggers tensions Pyongyang - Beijing. China is the biggest ally of North Korea. Chinese authorities to effect a speedy resumption of six-party negotiations, broken a few weeks ago by Pyongyang. According to experts, if the Security Council will vote on a resolution tightening the sanction against North Korea, China may use its right of veto. This causes that any forceful actions are not possible. Now, we just believe that the United Nations exert pressure on authorities in Korea and prevent another senseless war.
termin 01 grudzień 2009
wymagane objaśnienia Sprawdzenie poprawności gramatycznej i ogólnej wartości tekstu.
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